Wednesday, August 20, 2008


OMG. my heels are kicking in my office chair like a little girl! I am sooo excited cause it's less than 24 hours till CAMP!!!!! CHEEEEEHOOOO!!! Gotta go to city mill, grab me some last minute supplies, go home and pack, and try to sleep tonight like a kid on Christmas eve! I Can't WAIT!!
Tomorrow i jus gotta load up, grab the ICE, the BEER, the fishing supplies, and head on down to camp!

There is nothing more enjoyable to me than burring these damned shoe-bound feet into some fine Malaekahana sand! Lets DO THIS!

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Vania said...

So cute Bryce!! This must be what you're DREAMING about when me and Jaz catch you nodding off! :) hehehe...JOKES! Have fun!