Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Double Workout

Week after week has been pretty hectic since the camping trip. Since restarting MBA classes again at night, all new work projects up the wazoo, and a new graphic design side-job has upped the stress level to an awkwardly high level. Normally, I would be fine blowing off steam at the end of the day by hitting the gym and sweating it out... Well, today was different. I woke up extra early (kicked out of bed actually) and had a few hours to kill before clocking into the 9 to fiver, so I decided to do a morning workout instead of the afternoon one. I arrived there to find the place pleasantly empty, which means fast parking, no waiting for equipment, and zero gym-chatter. I was in heaven. In and out and a great workout in just over an hour. Well, I thought that that was that. Morning workouts from now on. A great way to jump start the day right? Only one problem... It's 4:30PM and I have the afternoon blahs like i do every other day. Bogged down with the days issues and ready to...well...hit the gym. Again. So today, for the first time, I am experiencing the double workout. I can hardly wait, and If it makes me feel as good as I suspect it will I'll have to be careful not to become some no-necked hulk that rips phone books for fun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Recapping last week, I was flown to Maui to help set up an event. (pictured) The party was a success, and the clients were happy. I've been so busy recently between b-day parites, work trips, school, a new side job, and all this other stuff that I've had little time to relax. Luckily sunday was a lazy day, and we did nuthing but sleep, eat, and watch movies. it was great. But monday came, and along with it a whole new stack of paperwork, as well as a few new projects that are still in development. Hopefully the nights cool down so I can get the rest I need as it seems this summer is going to be BUSY. I need a new AC.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Perfect Pancakes

For those of you who know me, you know I'm a breakfast man. If you really know me, you'd know I've been on the search for the perfect pancake recipe. I'm no chef mind you, but I do enjoy cooking. Well, today a friend and I were talkin' about the perfect pancake, and she brought to my attention a detail of which I had previously not considered: the hot oil blemish. She rattled off to me how most people just settle for a pancake riddled with spots, due to an uneven or over greasing of the pan. I then began to consider the alternative: that a pancake with a perfect skin would have to be over an ungreased (or very mildly greased) griddle. Well that was at about 10:30 this morning. By noon, I had visions of perfect hotcakes rolling around in my head. i couldn't help myself. I ran home and attempted to make the perfect pancake. And I think I came pretty damn close. Here it is for you to drool over, and if you want to make your own follow this link [the perfect pancake], and keep the following in mind:

*do 4tbsp of melted butter instead of 3
*separate your eggwhites and stir the whites up 1st before adding to the rest of stuff (prevents over beating for the rising factor)
*feel free to substitute soy milk - IM SERIOUS. It's all I had and you'd never know the diff.
*DO NOT OVERBEAT -just go until most of the lumps are gone, small lumps are OK if you sifted the flour and baking powder.
*The thicker the batter the bigger you should make'em.
Eat'um up folks.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Weather

Hey what's up with the random cold front?? I thought it was spring?
Man, it's been a busy week. And the weekend looks like it will be pretty full too...There is a photo shoot gig that I have for tomorrow, and then a goodbye party right after that. I need to reapply for FAFSA, wash that bird crap off my car, and clean my fish tank. Then, after all that hopefully I get in some quality time with the sig. other. Been a while since we had a totally unproductive Sunday just eating a late breakfast, lounging, and watching reruns of America's Best Dance Troop (why did you have to end?). Actually, it sounds like a great weekend: All the obligations at the front end, and the sweet topper at the end. [For those unfamiliar, the sweet-topper refers to the dessert, sugary ending, or sweet tooth you treat yourself with after a big meal, big day, or big moment, eg: beer on a fri afternoon, shaved ice after a good long hike, etc.] Weekend forecast: brief showers of duty due to a low-pressure responsibility system, followed by whipped-cream clouds and a sweet maple syrup sunrise.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

P.C.D. Post Camp Depression

The 1st few days coming back into civilization is always the hardest. I find myself staring though the value fields of microsoft access, thinking about the smells of the campfire that saturate your shirt sleeves and lulls you off to sleep. I stand at the water cooler and let my mug overflow with mediocrity whilst longing for the taste salt air, and the cool fine sand that convinces my toes that they need a good burying. I stare blankly as people around me say things that mean nothing in comparison to the moments I'm reliving in my head. All I can do is think about how long it will be before I'm back there again...