Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fwd: Filipino feast & bacon maple bar from frost bakery

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Redmill burgers and alki bakery croissant

Peggys house feast & organic brunch @ portage cafe

Seattle in a flash!

Holy moly that was fast!  This trip was an eating tour to be sure.  We started out slow and steady, so I could bring my bro up to speed with all the favorite places I found last year- breakfast in alki beach, piroshkis at pikes, etc, but it quickly escalated into something else entirely.  The llamas' (leah and john who took me in for thanksgiving last year) took us to pesos, where we nibbled on some of the best pupus ever, ranging from bacon wrapped prawns, to grilled pork loin and cheese sammies. Reids buddy jen showed up to greet us in downtown with a box full of bacon maple bar doughnuts.  Angel and Jack treated us to a home cooked filipino feast.  Peggy took us out to an organic brunch, seasoned with its own fresh fruit and whipped cream bar.  To end things, my brother, peggy and I cooked for all our new friends @ peggys house: fresh sashimi, hawaiian style poke, guava chicken, lemon butter mac nut mahi mahi, and kalbi style short ribs.  We have eaten for 5 days straight, and are ready for a liquid diet in vegas! Pics to follow...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tullys makes me smile

One of the best things about Seattle? Tully's coffee. So rich and smooth it puts all the competition up here to shame. We started today by taking Melisa to her job interview in the city, went back to peggys to sleep a bit more, went to visit her at wrk briefly before checking out the scene at Bellvue Square, the shopping mall in the area. Man these people up here are rich. Or at least it seems! My brother noticed the amount of money that is being poured into streets, parks, sidewalks... Its so sad when you compare it to whats going on back home right now. I know these people are hurting from the recession too, but ya wouldn't know it.

Fwd: De plane de plane!

Whoa!...that's..uh...cute!  Where do they put the luggage?

*update - we finally boarded the plane 3 hours later, and just before takeoff, we had to stall for another 45 minutes due to a hydrolics issue!  yowza!  We flew into sea tac and baggage claim was delayed for 45 minutes our luggage load broke one of the belts on the conveyer system.  shyaeesh.  In bed, at peggys safe and sound at around 3am!

Here we go again!

West Coast Trip

1/11/10, 2:52 pm *post-posted

Well well well. I'm back. And not just bloggin', but traveling up to the pacific northwest for the second year in a row. If the allure of the place doesn't wear off after this trip, I'm definitely moving there. My brother and I are doing it together this year, and I think he's really going to enjoy Seattle's laid back yet modern feel. I'm writing this from the airport bar, because as of right now, our flight has been delayed for about 3 hours. A small kink in our plan, we continue un-phased, and order a round of beers to kick this vacation off right. It's all in the attitude, and we are positive about being on break starting now!