Friday, May 9, 2008


So I went out last night... stayed out till 3. Had my bro meet my sig. other, and we had a great time. Maybe too great. My head hurts, and running on three hours of sleep is pretty insane at the old age of 29. Yikes. I don't get to pau-hana tonight with the gang, cause I'm making the mac nut cinnamon rolls for Ma's day, not that I would want to go out in this condition. Gotta pre-make'em cuz no time this weekend. And tomorrow morning I have class. Yippie. Waah. SAT night is our 6mo. annivers., and I'm excited to eat at this awesome little place down the street, so that should be cool. Right now I'm running on my emergency energy stash, that came in the form of shumai and mini manapuas from happy day. Thank god they open early.


Mike said...

cool, always got the first comment! Hey cuz, when I come home next time, I gotta meet your lady friend. (and one of these days I need to resurrect my blog)

Vania said...

BRYCE! So cute your post!! Happy 6 month to you and yours. Where is that yummy dimsummy thing from in the picture?!