Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Double Workout

Week after week has been pretty hectic since the camping trip. Since restarting MBA classes again at night, all new work projects up the wazoo, and a new graphic design side-job has upped the stress level to an awkwardly high level. Normally, I would be fine blowing off steam at the end of the day by hitting the gym and sweating it out... Well, today was different. I woke up extra early (kicked out of bed actually) and had a few hours to kill before clocking into the 9 to fiver, so I decided to do a morning workout instead of the afternoon one. I arrived there to find the place pleasantly empty, which means fast parking, no waiting for equipment, and zero gym-chatter. I was in heaven. In and out and a great workout in just over an hour. Well, I thought that that was that. Morning workouts from now on. A great way to jump start the day right? Only one problem... It's 4:30PM and I have the afternoon blahs like i do every other day. Bogged down with the days issues and ready to...well...hit the gym. Again. So today, for the first time, I am experiencing the double workout. I can hardly wait, and If it makes me feel as good as I suspect it will I'll have to be careful not to become some no-necked hulk that rips phone books for fun.


Mike said...

I've been waking up early to do freelance work but don't go to the gym or anything. I seriously need to exercise though.

Scott Sunaoka said...

sheesh, try not to get all 'roided out and raging on us 200 pound weaklings.