Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vegas Baby!

So I blinked, and I've been here for 2 days already! I cant imagine what its like to live here!

Although I was sad to leave Seattle, Peggy, and all her friends, I was excited to see Alyssa and K.K.'s new place in Vegas. As soon as i got there, I met KK's dad (Uncle Keven) and as soon as I dropped my baggs off, we went to go gambling. It was hilarious. We spent a good 4 hours playing pai gao, (a new fav game). We were supposed to go home early so we could go up the mountain in the morning, but that diddnt happen. Uncle Keven told us some pretty awesome stories and made the night memorable.

I woke up in a daze. Alyssa saved me and took me to a solid west coast coffee shop where i got myself an awesome bagel sandwich. After that and a black coffee, I was good to go. I had to get goin', cause in less than 2 hours, i was to meet up with Kari, an old friend who was driving down from Cali to party with me for a night.

Kari booked us a night at Planet holllywood hotel and casino. Man, I'll tell you what, that place is AWESOME. The entire wall of the facade is covered with a digital light show and giant video screens. It remeinded me of one of those future cities in Blade Runner.

All I'm allowed to say about the events that occurred from this point forward, is that we had an awesome time. Everything we did was legal, safe, and for the most part G-rated disney stuff. it's just that snow white never got so trashed off of long island iced teas and pitron that she...well..heh. I've leave it at that.

I CAN say, that Kari and i had some real quality time all night, chatting about all the stuff we used to back in the 8th grade, just modified for adulthood. Somewhere between the bar and buffet I realized that my friend Kari had grown into something else. She was happier, or no maybe brighter, but in a subtle way. Between swallows of egg drop soup she illuminated: 'I've lost my cynicism.' She was right. We debated all night, over things like falling in love, the congestion of boomers in the job market, and the critical differences between hope and faith, but not ONCE did Kari disagree with my ideas or ideals about the issues with a negative retort...she just came up with a better one. Even though life has changed us both, when we parted ways I felt like we were in the eighth grade again, saying 'laters' after pigging out on curly fries at Arby's windward mall. She's classic like that. It's just that we do buffets now.

Sorry bout the lack of pics. forgot my cam at home. :P

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Vania said...

BRYCE! I'm so glad to see you up on the blog! I love reading about your adventures! We miss you here. I hope things are well...WAIT, did we miss graduation?!