Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Morning

So its been a while. I admit it. This blogging thing started out strong, but has since devolved into a quick way to purge the events of my life: a literal journal, like all the other musings out there in the bloggosphere. What's worse is that even those notable events have become few and far between. Since my trip to the mailand last thanksgiving, I've found work again (plenty of it), but not the kind that stimulates, the kind that desensitizes.

Unsharpened, I have stepped into what feels like a creative and professional swimming pool. A swimming pool filled with cement. Athletic institutions would refer to this year as a 'rebuilding season,' but I have neither the financial backing, or athleticism to afford that kind of spin. I've become so used to the arbitrary and often times mundane act surviving that I've desperately consumed the creativity and curiosity for my own life: the hunger itself. With that said, I'm making an oath to go back to the root of this blog, to wade though the puddles of my own bile; to examine what most swallow without question; to find the morsels of this life worth savoring.

So I've wiped my ass, I'm turning around, and preparing to heave on my knees.

Good Morning.

1 comment:

Scott Sunaoka said...

yay! i'm glad you're back on this thing bryce! keep swimming upstream. it's totally worth it.