Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tullys makes me smile

One of the best things about Seattle? Tully's coffee. So rich and smooth it puts all the competition up here to shame. We started today by taking Melisa to her job interview in the city, went back to peggys to sleep a bit more, went to visit her at wrk briefly before checking out the scene at Bellvue Square, the shopping mall in the area. Man these people up here are rich. Or at least it seems! My brother noticed the amount of money that is being poured into streets, parks, sidewalks... Its so sad when you compare it to whats going on back home right now. I know these people are hurting from the recession too, but ya wouldn't know it.

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Vania.Hearts.Sioape said...

BRYCE!!! How the heck are you?! I see you've made your way up to Seattle...holy cow dude! :) It the weather up there just FABULOUS?! Always wanted to visit Seattle...hope to see some flicks of your trip! Take care and nice to see the blog--OOOH! Just saw the Manono up in the slideshow...how do I repay you for that?!--hope things are fantastic! Take care!