Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Image of Man

So this is the bloggosphere? The virtual place where all our memories and experiences will be stored? Is this the final frontier??? When all is said and done and we are extinct, leaving the barren landscape earth to the flies and the roaches, this is all that will be left. Small mainframes burried in sand and vines, holding the last depictions of earths final days... What will my blog look like on the last day before the power goes out? Will I know that this is all that is left of us, that our swan song is in flickr and myspace and trapped in a dead technology for other intelligent life to one day pry open and exclaim: 'what a damn shame...'

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Justin Nakaahiki said...

Dude what's this picture of my side of Kauai? Ha, brings a bit of memories of back home.