Thursday, March 20, 2008

Media Validates Aging Artist

So for the 1st time i got my adwork into a major local paper... this is a huge deal for me. I've never had the pleasure of seeing my work printed on such a grand scale. It so weird.

Deep down inside, there is a part of me that is dissappointed in myfelf though.. It's the side of me that ran away to LA to become a starving artist. The kid that said He'd never sell out, (not that I'm getting any richer) or do art for money. Of course, the 'old self' didn't do art in LA as much as he did work at coffeeshops and get high a whole lot. Dont get me wrong, that angry kid had a hell of a good time searching for more life questions to dissect, but they never ended with an answer, just another question...and well, that 'starving artist' kid managed to raise an impressive amount of credit card debt in his misadventures. And he didn't really do all that much starving...

I suppose maybe i'm just better at being a yuppie than a hippie.

I have a car now, and car payments, a Roth IRA and all that jazz. And that part of me smiles when I see the artwork in the paper that validates my own evolution. In the end I guess I'm just the kind of 9-to-fiver, save adventures for the weekends, celebrate birthdays with nice dinners, kind of man I fought so hard to become: I'm finally finding myself happy.


Peggy said...

luv it!... enjoy ur new journey... :)

Mecca said...

Hey man!! Don't fight it, or waste time feeling like you haven't become something that ultimately are not. Let yourself enjoy what you have created and keep sharing it. If "art" is for yourself, it still is for yourself even if a million and one see it. Now a million and two!