Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Recapping last week, I was flown to Maui to help set up an event. (pictured) The party was a success, and the clients were happy. I've been so busy recently between b-day parites, work trips, school, a new side job, and all this other stuff that I've had little time to relax. Luckily sunday was a lazy day, and we did nuthing but sleep, eat, and watch movies. it was great. But monday came, and along with it a whole new stack of paperwork, as well as a few new projects that are still in development. Hopefully the nights cool down so I can get the rest I need as it seems this summer is going to be BUSY. I need a new AC.


Mike said...

wow Bryce. Awesome work. Were you responsible for the overall look? The grass huts and the colors of the lights are sweet.

Scott Sunaoka said...

looks cool bryce! what exactly are you doing now?