Friday, April 4, 2008

The Weather

Hey what's up with the random cold front?? I thought it was spring?
Man, it's been a busy week. And the weekend looks like it will be pretty full too...There is a photo shoot gig that I have for tomorrow, and then a goodbye party right after that. I need to reapply for FAFSA, wash that bird crap off my car, and clean my fish tank. Then, after all that hopefully I get in some quality time with the sig. other. Been a while since we had a totally unproductive Sunday just eating a late breakfast, lounging, and watching reruns of America's Best Dance Troop (why did you have to end?). Actually, it sounds like a great weekend: All the obligations at the front end, and the sweet topper at the end. [For those unfamiliar, the sweet-topper refers to the dessert, sugary ending, or sweet tooth you treat yourself with after a big meal, big day, or big moment, eg: beer on a fri afternoon, shaved ice after a good long hike, etc.] Weekend forecast: brief showers of duty due to a low-pressure responsibility system, followed by whipped-cream clouds and a sweet maple syrup sunrise.

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