Sunday, August 23, 2009

One last thing

On the subject of media's transormation, and my recent paranoid rants, well apparantly the subject at hand is called Net Neutrality and has been a big deal fer a while now, and as we suspected (me and my other selves), its all coming to a head.

see the following from our comrades at tech


Meccaleccahi said...
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Meccaleccahi said...

OK, how about a rant for all those dang blog sites that force you to sign up and become a member before you can post anything!! I can't stand it. PLUS the whole time I am filling out the online registration form I am internally cussing, knowing that the next time I want to post something I won't remember the pass code and will have to email it to myself!!
I guess that is how big brother is keeping even greater tabs, how far will you go to access the website? Will you pay $$ will you give up? Can't wait for them to just start streaming reality TV into my brain..I mean really!!!!