Saturday, August 29, 2009

TIDE CHART 08/28/09

Is the ocean half full or half empty?

1:45 PM
Elevator conversation is usually uneventful, awkward, and most times leads both parties to an agreeable conclusion about some unimportant topic or another, where the tail end of the dialogue is along the lines of: 'you are so right...I've always preferred a cold day to a day like taday..ugh its gunna be rough huh?' And that's it. End of story, go back to your own life and remember this meaningless conversation for a follow up should we ever fall into this situation again. Well today was different, for some reason or another, I divulged to my co-passenger that my last blood pressure reading I did at the longs robot was pretty high. I think the double-shot of espresso was making my conversational attempts bolder too. She beamed. 'Oh I have one of those electric machines upstairs!' and preceded to tell me how she was hypertensive and needed to monitor her bp regularly. Although a little creeped out, I was happy to get somthing real out of someone from the elevator. After lunch I was invited up to the partnership office for a free screening from my new nurse. Turns out the guy next to her has diabetes and has a blood sugar needle, (he was kind enough to give me a fresh one) and so i got a two-fer one special. Although my results were less than stellar, it wasn't as bad as I'd thought, and now I have 2 new friends and a personal clinic right upstairs.

I always try to give punk kids that come into the coffee shop (night job) the benefit of the doubt. I remember how it is to be young, dumb and nowhere to hang out, so when they came in as a crew, and helped themselves to water cups and plopped their baggy asses down on the couch without buying anything, I let them be. As an adolecent, I remember being yelled at by some old know-it-all or another for somthing that was stupid and harmless, like hanging out in a park after hours, or tossing beer bottles up into the air in an empty parking lot. The old man in me was getting older as I watched them, and I was tempted to just give'um the boot, but I figured I'd just wait until they did something stupid enough to get eighty-sixed. After the last rush of the evening, i checked the lobby to lock things up, and found a sculpture of trash, and 2 water cups filled with cream where they were sitting. Ahh, this destruction of faith is what makes grumpy old men who they are. I realized that I I deserved every scolding I'd ever gotten, and I actually let a 'bah!' slip out of my mouth as I cleaned up the mess.


Scott Sunaoka said...

i like the new format bryce. it's like reading two posts in one! i remember fooling around in mcdonald's during high school with some friends shooting ketchup at each other and a little kid, maybe 4 years old, told his mom, "those and bad men yeah?" your low tide story kind of reminds me of that :)

B-bot said...

thanks scott!! Its def. a good way for me to use blogging to reevaluate my day! yeah, man life can be so funny when you realize you've become these mythological creatures that riddled your younger self. Lol