Friday, August 7, 2009

TIDE CHART 08/06/2009

Is the ocean half full or half empty?

I seem to have befriended the lady that works at L&L Drive Inn next to my work. On a breakfast run, she interrupted my order to ask if I was at a surf sample sale (where the surf industry gets rid of design samples to the general public for cheap - usually held at public school cafeterias or church halls) 2 weeks ago. I instinctivley said 'no' cuz its not really my scene, but had to recant, because my friend and I did indeed drop into one on the way home from the beach. She admitted to have tried to wave at me in order to say hello. It felt nice to have a stranger forge that gap between the register.

I'm making a spinach and garlic pizza tomorrow night, and figured I'd stop in at the market to get some of the stuff for it on the way home from the coffee shop. I couldn't find the spinach. I looked between the kale, the choy sum, the red leaf and even the radish bunches. I finally found the last bunch, the last shredded and beaten bunch, and reluctantly went for it. The underside of the leafy mess seemed to have lodged in it, a lumpy brown formation. Again with the instinct, I brought it up to my nose.

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