Monday, November 24, 2008

The 1st Roll

So as soon as i fly in, peggy takes me hunting for a bite to eat.  We had a plan to hit up this joint that was supposeed to be reasonable fer drinks, but becuase of my misadventures with the GPS navigator, I was a bit late.  Needless to say we finally found an 24 McDonald's (suprisingly things were closed down fer miles) and so we parked in this strip town called Alki Beach, and ate nuggets wile watching the city lights.  Thousands of miles from home, and it's nuggets again.  Heh. The thing is, (here we go) having them with the peggy, the cold night air, and the twinkles of the city made them taste almost adventerous.  I know i know.  Adventerous nuggets.  Thats bold.  But i swear to god its true.  

I couldnt help but notice how many coffee shops and restaurants littered this area, and as we drove away peggy mentioned: 'that place has GREAT cinnamon rolls.'  

Thats all I needed to hear.

So this morning, the 1st blog of the day belongs to a little place called Alki Bakery, who's quaint atmosphere rich coffee and F'in GREAT cinnamon rolls deserve a nod and a reccomendation to anyone in the market for awesomeness.   I can't think of a better way to jumpstart a city adventure than this.


Scott Sunaoka said...

bryce! good to hear from you again! those rolls look amazingly got and delicious. where are you on the west coast (or is that information secret so you don't get stalked?)?

Jason said...

You fat f@#&. You suppose to eat stuff that you can't get in Hawaii not nugs. Well I guess since everything was closed its okay. Try not to make it a habit. Sounds like you are already having a great time.

Benjamin Stencil said...

Someone's blog bustin'! Keep those great pictures a'comin'! Saw Synecdoche last night...that was a trip. I had to buy the soundtrack, even though it's mostly scores.