Monday, November 24, 2008


I know. It's been a while. Since last entry (camp turned out to be so rediculously fun I had no time to blog; ive learned my lesson and have a writing schedule) things have been awesome, but in a very weird way. I am officially single again. Hard, but good and bad, you know? I hurt my back and have been outta the gym fer the last month. (No excersising due to injury= guiltless laziness) I was laid off from my job, and despite the fear and uncertainty somthing like that brings, I have become refocused and recentered. Now, as I leave for the west coast on a vacation i had planned before i was jobless, i cant help but think about how rediculously exciting this all is. For the most part, i have no idea where i am going, and even stranger, i dont really know what im coming to when i get back.

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