Friday, November 28, 2008

Music and Beer

I started Wed. with the Seattle Experience Music Project.  I have to say, a pretty mean museum.   Aside from all the guitars, historical exhibits, and conceptual pieces, there is a huge floor that was dedicated to interactives.  Drums, keyboards, guitars, and basses to play, and if you wanted, an opportunity to create a fake band and play in front of the other guests.  For the 1st time on the trip, I felt a little lonely.  It would be awesome to have a family to bring to a place like this.  Or a group of buds to  see the city with.  That aside, EMP was def worth it, even for a single nomad.

I was running late, so I had to rush through the Pacific Science Center, but was able to slow down a bit for the butterfly zoo.  A billion butterflies all over the place made  me feel like a kid again, until some high school bullies walked by and started mocking the experience.  Man, if they only knew how bad they'd need things like this when you are 30 something.  Oh well, it was off to dinner with Peggy and her roommate's crew back at the house.

After dinner, Peggy and I whisked ourselves outta the house and partied downtown in pioneer square, and then up on capitol hill.  I'll just let you see the pictures from here on out.

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Scott Sunaoka said...

awesome pics bryce! the music museum looks so epic!