Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I never thought it would be this way

Tuesday began with an exploration of downtown bellvue.  Ill tell you what: I am a huge fan of the architecture here in washingtom.  Everything is beutiful.  Nothing is created without considerationn to form, no how simple the utility.  I spent most of the morning in a mall called bellvue square, that connects 3 buldings across three blocks together via skywalk.  There was a Lego store there.  A LEGO store.  After i changed my shorts, I managed to find a sweet little nook of a coffee shop called Specialty's Cafe & Bakery.  There I had one of the best omlette sandwiches EVER, and the thing rang in at a mere 3.99.  Eat that Rachel Ray.  Or dont eat that, you're getting chubz.  

Speaking of which, so am I.  Everything I plan is around meals, like a friggin jawaiian song.  I zipped off from bellvue  square to meet peggy for  lunch on mercer Island.  I got to see where she works, and where she gchats from.  It was pretty cool.  She took me to a pizza place on the island that had the best dough, and was topped with sausage, mozz, parmesean, spinach, and riccotta cheese.  It was amazing.  

Everything up until this point in the day, no matter how awesome, is just foreplay for what happens next. 

After lunch, i went off on a long freeway journey (by hawaii standards) to visit My Aunty Rexine and Uncle Bill in Gig Harbor.  When I got there my Uncle was entertaining a guest, an Indian fellow who I later learned is the Cosmo Kramer of his world.  Kramer (I'm such a shmuk with names) was showing us You Tube Videos of his mom belly dancing in Indian films from the ol days.  As beautiful as it was, the akwardness of it all began to simmer.  My uncle suggested we go shoot pistols at the shooting range, and without thought, perhaps to escape, I said 'yes.'   

You, and everyone who knows me knows that I'm not that type of guy.  The type of guy who goes to the shooting range with his Uncle.  I suddenly realized the brevity of the situation.  Like something out of a Paul Thomas Anderson film, Uncle Bill, Cosmo, and I walked into a shooting gallery together, ready to start some trouble.  Part of me was very excited to shoot a gun for the 1st time.  Part of me was afraid this would all turn out messy, ending with a hole in my shoulder and no health insurance.  It didn't stop me from pulling that trigger.

I wont try to explan what the hell happened to me in there, but for as long as I could still smell gunpowder on my sleeves there was a big FAT grin plastered onto my face.  Thank you again Uncle Bill.  That was quite possibly the most exciting thing I've ever done.  

2 hours later, I'm feeling like me again, no longer considering buying a bumper sticker that reads: 'Obama, leave my guns alone!'  A tasty Alaskan cod stuffed with prawns can do that to you.  Somthing about good food always brings me back to ME.  I think there is a pattern here. Over a delicious seafood dinner, my Aunty Rexine and I talked about my future, the challenges of today's workforce, and the importance of loving what you do.  It was inspiring and comforting to hear about her experiences.  She drew advice from a hollistic perspective, and it was just what I needed. 

The drive back to Bellvue gave me time to be thankful for such a great family.  My Aunt and Uncle really made this trip special for me.

I ended the day with Peggy and a couple of Pabst Blue Ribbons (no miller lite!) and we talked candidly about life, friends, careers and love.  The place was a VERY well designed bar/lounge called ama ama in west seattle.  It was empty so our laughter rang out above the music.  I didn't shut up until they played 'Where is My Mind' by the Pixies.  Talk about a sweet-topper.


Scott Sunaoka said...

sounds like this trip is going very for you...i'm glad that you're getting to do some searching and you're allowing us to come along for the ride.

since, i'm probably as big of an eater as you (remember the opu brothers?) how about some pictures of the amazing food you're eating?

Anonymous said...

what did rachel ray do to you?