Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paroshki Time

So i spent the 1st full day here in seattle walking the streets of downtown.  I have to say that this is one F'ing beautiful city.  The highlight of it all, was finding a real-deal paroshki place.  The name of the joint is PAROSHKI PAROSHKI, and as soon as i saw that sign i instictivley began to chant the name over and over while pumping my shoulders.  I took my place in line (everyone with the chanting and the shoulders) and patiently waited my turn.  Would I get the sausage and tomato?, the egg, spinach, and cheese?  In the end it was the classic beef and onion.  Lemme tell ya, the napple aint got nuthing on this flake.  On the flakability chart (10 being god's dandruff and 1 being a wet frosted flake) this bad boy scores a 8.5.  Its implied that I aspire to one day taste gods dandruff.

And on that note, enjoy all the following pics below from my tour of Pike's:

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